Friday, 25 August 2017

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals

As an class we are looking at Survival.   Part of this is to look at whitebait and other endangered animals.     For our prereading we had to complete a chart on our prior knowledge on this,   here is my chart.

Maths - Problem solving

Problem Solving

This week we have been working on some problem solving.   We had to take a photo of how we came we calculated our answer.   Here is my slide showing each problem and my answers.  I found the work ok to do.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Welcome back to Term 3!

For literacy we had to create a Persuasive Person! I chose to persuade everyone to go to the beach instead of the snow because the beach is warmer than the snow. There is lots of fun things to do at the beach, my favourite thing is to go SURFING!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Literacy Reflection

This week in writing we have been doing description writing. Here are my ideas abuot my dad.

Face: Small beard.
Hair: Black, Straight, short.
Arms: Strong, big muscles.
Legs: Long waterproof pants
Shoes: Hiking and hunting boots

Job: Wild West Adventures

Friday, 16 June 2017

MATHS, Subtracting Tens, WK 7, T2

WALT: Subtracting Tens

For Numeracy this week I was learning how to subtract in tens and to show my working out.
First I took 50 away from 79, which equals 29
Next it was 29 - 6 ones
ANSWER - $23

This week for maths I found it quite easy to take away the tens first and then count backwards the left over ones.



WALT: Adding more information and making my sentences bigger.

SENTENCE 1: Describing Mrs P
Mrs Prendergast, is very frenley and she loves it wen the class gets on weth there work.
Mrs P is 44 years old. She is short, and has two sisters that are taller than her. Her hair is short, it goes to her shoulders, it is brown and a bit curley. She has an oval face and likes to wear makeup, and lip gloss. Her teeth are all real and have changed to a yellowy colour since having children. She has pale coloured skin. She has pretty daisy earring in her ears.
Mrs P has long fingers with a ring on her finger that she got for her 16th birthday, and she is married so she has a beautiful diamond ring. Today  she  is wering black  jeans     

And Greeny Coloured  top with three quarter sleeve.

For this piece of writing I liked learning new describing words, it was fun describing my teacher. Next time I would like to work harder on my spelling and I could add information on her type of personality to really bring her character to life.
I found it hard because we had to find out so much information about her.